Max Manlay is a personal trainer based in the UK, who provides training and coaching services online and offline. Max needed a new website for his business, Max Performance, that would inspire strength and energy, but also elegance and grace. Here is the result:

Personal Training & Nutrition Website Design

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  • newsletter form, application form, contact form
  • user-friendly navigation
  • color scheme & typography
  • blogging section
  • Twitter feed and social buttons for pages & posts
  • mobile & cross-browser optimization
  • SEO optimization

Gentiana Nita, psychologist based in Cluj, Romania, decided to start providing her services online, as a response to the growing number of cases of depression and to people’s lack of time for face-to-face counseling. She needed a website where she could present her psychology services and write articles that would help people embrace life as it is and try to make the best out of it.

Highlighted features:

  • mobile optimization
  • cross-browser optimization
  • social media sharing buttons and Facebook comments
  • newsletter subscription form
  • soothing color scheme

Psychology Website Design

Dayna Wood, mental health counselor in the states of Florida and New Work, needed an informative website for her practice, Integrative Counsel. The website describes her competencies and the ways in which she can assist clients.

The design (created by Lucian Husac) and content aim at recreating the peace of mind that Dayna helps her clients reach. Full mobile optimization guarantees that the website is accessible on any device. The contact page provides different options for getting in touch with Dayna. Everything to make visitors feel safe and welcome.

Counseling Website Design

Pi Supply provides an intelligent power switch for Raspberry Pi. Based in the UK, the team aims to push into the market an innovative solution for the super powerful device. The kickstarter project has had a very good start and is receiving great support.

Pi Supply needed a minimal presentation website, with full mobile optimization. The website had to show in a crystal clear way what it is that Pi Supply provides, how it is used and how it can be purchased. We loved to work on Pi Supply’s website and we invite you to support their project.

Highlighted features:

  • CSS3 menu
  • photo gallery
  • full optimization for mobile devices
  • full optimization for all PC browsers & resolutions
  • fixed sidebar

Presentation Website for Raspberry Pi switch

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Deflytics Software is a provider of business intelligence and analytics products and services based in Mumbai, India. The company focuses on implementing partner solutions, like Adaptive Planning and GoodData.

Deflytics Software wanted a sober, but compelling company website that would present potential customers with the information they required to know in which way Deflytics can meet their business planning, implementation and reporting needs.

Highlighted features:

  • image slider on the main website page
  • Twitter feed in the website footer
  • JQuery menus (fixed top menu and sliding side menu)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML/CSS email newsletter for promoting company solutions

Presentation Website for Deflytics Software

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FiscalOnline is a legal and tax information and news website. It covers the French tax law, community law, and international law for businesses and individuals.

FiscalOnline needed a 728×90 animated banner to be used in advertising purposes on partner websites. The client wanted a sober, yet eye-catching banner. This is the final result.

Your website is the bussiness card of your company on the web. But, more than that, it is your company’s online home – the place where guests are invited, where relationships are built, where treats are served by the kind host. And the place that happy guests return to.

Conversions are the result of quality traffic and a large part of this quality traffic is made of returning visitors. They are more likely to have the intention of growing close to your products or services. So be proactive in giving visitors reasons to return.

Here are five ways to keep visitors coming back to your website.

Provide quality information

Are you selling kilts? Then you want to provide your website visitors with solid information about them. This is not about showcasing your product explicitly, but about being a trustworthy source of information. What material are kilts made of? Who invented them? What is the percentage of people who wear them today? Don’t be superfluous, just prove that you know your business. You’ll stand out from competitors and guess who the audience will remember?

Build a company brand

Small businesses are perfectly brandable, especially online, where branding costs can be close to none. There are four elements that you can employ with ease: your brand name, your logo, your slogan and the color scheme. Be consistent in using them on your website and online profile pages. This way, you will build a distinctive image for your audience. A fifth element is the tone in which you communicate. Be playful, be sober, be funny, but choose one and stick to it.

Use social media channels

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and any other big social network, all drive a lot of traffic to your website. Send messages often and link to content on your website. Besides traffic and Search Engine Optimization aspects, being active on social media shows your audience that you are communicative. When you’re open to others, they’ll open up to you as well. Don’t forget to set up a blog – it’s an SEO lover.

Run promotions

Reward website visitors with promotions and/or run contests to keep them engaged. Discounts don’t have to be big and you don’t need to offer cruises as prizes. Minus 10% is still better than the full price and what you get in return is visitors’ habit to come back to your website. They will know it’s the only place where that offer is available. At this point you might wonder what’s the point of getting visitors on your website for discounts. It’s simple: the buzz; customers’ friends who come to get the offer as well; the possibility to push other products towards them while their getting the discount and so on.

Encourage interaction

Turn website visitors into active participants to the life of your business. Give them the attention they deserve. How? By interacting with them and, when appropriate, by providing the means for them to interact with each other. Make the contact section on your website easy to reach and respond to emails and phone calls quickly and helpfully. Use live chat. Set up a forum. Create a testimonials section and update it frequently. Respond to enquiries on social media channels. Interaction builds trust. Show visitors that, behind the website, there are real people who are ready to listen to their opinions, questions and requests.

If you haven’t done it already, you can get a custom website now.